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102 Unicorns by Country: Bubble Size is Aggregate Valuation in a Country, Pie Chart Slices Represent Relative Contributions Per Sector

Page Title
Valuation ($B)
ActifioIT Services$1.10United States
AdyenInternet Software & Services$1.50Netherlands
AirbnbeCommerce$10United States
AppDynamicsInternet Software & Services$1United States
AppnexusInternet Software & Services$1.20United States
AtlassianCollaboration & Project Management Software$3.30Australia
AutomatticInternet Software & Services$1.16United States
AVAST SoftwareSecurity Software$1Czech Republic
Bloom EnergyRenewables$2.70United States
ClouderaInternet Software & Services$4.10United States
CloudFlareInternet Software & Services$1United States
CoupangeCommerce$2South Korea
Credit KarmaInternet Software & Services$1United States
DeemInternet Software & Services$1.35United States
Delivery HeroeCommerce$1.88Germany
DJI InnovationsMachinery and Equipment$8China
DockerIT Services$1.07United States
DocuSignInternet Software & Services$1.60United States
Domo TechnologiesInternet Software & Services$2United States
DropboxInternet Software & Services$10United States
EventbriteeCommerce$1United States
EvernoteInternet Software & Services$2United States
FanaticseCommerce$3.10United States
FarfetcheCommerce$1United Kingdom
Funding CircleeCommerce$1United Kingdom
Gilt GroupeeCommerce$1.05United States
Good Technology (Visto)Mobile Software & Services$1.10United States
GrabTaxiMobile Commerce$1Singapore
HootsuiteInternet Software & Services$1Canada
HouzzeCommerce$2.30United States
IllumioInternet Software & Services$1United States
InfinidatIT Services$1.20Israel
InMobiMobile Software & Services$1Singapore
Insidesales.comInternet Software & Services$1.50United States
InstacartMobile Commerce$2United States
Intarcia TherapeuticsPharmaceuticals / Drugs$1.75United States
ironSourceInternet Software & Services$1.50Israel
Jasper TechnologiesTelecom Services$1.40United States
JawboneConsumer Electronics$3.30United States
JustFabeCommerce$1United States
KabamInternet Software & Services$1United States
KlarnaInternet Software & Services$1Sweden
Koudai GouwuMobile Commerce$1.40China
Kuaidi Dache*Mobile Commerce$8.75China
Legendary EntertainmentFilm & Video$3United States
LookoutMobile Software & Services$1United States
LyftMobile Commerce$2.50United States
Magic LeapScientific$2United States
ModernaBiotechnology$3United States
MongoDBDatabase Management Software$1.60United States
NextdoorInternet Software & Services$1.10United States
NutanixIT Services$2United States
OlacabsMobile Commerce$2.40India
One97 CommunicationsMobile Software & Services$2India
Oscar Health Insurance Co.Internet Software & Services$1.50United States
Palantir TechnologiesBusiness Intelligence$15United States
PinterestInternet Software & Services$11United States
PluralsightInternet Software & Services$1United States
POWA TechnologiesInternet Software & Services$2.70United Kingdom
Prosper MarketplaceInternet Software & Services$1.90United States
Proteus Digital HealthMedical Devices & Equipment$1.10United States
Pure StorageComputer Storage & Peripherals$3United States
QualtricsInternet Software & Services$1United States
RazerConsumer Electronics$1United States
ShazamMobile Software & Services$1United Kingdom
SimpliVityInternet Software & Services$1United States
Slack TechnologiesInternet Software & Services$2.80United States
SnapchatMobile Software & Services$15United States
Social FinanceeCommerce$1.30United States
SpaceXOther Transportation$12United States
SpotifyInternet Software & Services$8.40Sweden
SprinklrInternet Software & Services$1.17United States
SquareMobile Software & Services$6United States
StripeInternet Software & Services$3.50United States
SunrunRenewables$1.30United States
SurveyMonkeyInternet Software & Services$2United States
TangoMeMobile Software & Services$1.10United States
TaniumSecurity Software$1.75United States
TheranosMedical Devices & Equipment$9United States
TransferWiseInternet Software & Services$1United Kingdom
Trendy Group InternationalClothing & Accessories$2China
TwilioMobile Software & Services$1.10United States
UberMobile Commerce$41United States
Vice MediaInternet Software & Services$2.50United States
Warby ParkereCommerce$1.20United States
WeWorkFacilities$5United States
XiaomiTelecom Devices & Equipment$46China
Yello MobileTelecom Services$1South Korea
ZenefitsInternet Software & Services$4.50United States
Zomato MediaInternet Software & Services$1India

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